Food Nation podcast: Stewards of wild seafood


Denmark has always been a country of fishermen. But today most of the wild fish catch is exported all over the world. So what can a leading seafood nation do to balance the growing demand for seafood with the need to protect the marine eco-balance?

Dive into the depths of Denmark’s seafood sector and discover how Denmark, a thriving hub in fisheries and aquaculture, tackles the challenge of balancing an increasing global seafood demand while protecting the marine eco-balance.

In this episode of the Food Nation podcast, FF Skagen shares its story, alongside Royal Greenland and Scandic Pelagic.

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MID’s Generalforsamling: formandens beretning 2023 og ny formand


MID afholdt fredag den 23. juni 2023 sin 82. generalforsamling i foreningen med deltagelse af repræsentanter fra fabrikkerne samt eksterne gæster.

I forbindelse med generalforsamlingen takkede formand Jes Bjerregaard, efter tre år på formandsposten, af, da han går på pension. Jes Bjerregaard afløses i bestyrelsen af Casper Andersen, som er ny CEO for TripleNine Group.

Bestyrelsens øvrige medlemmer fortsætter, og bestyrelsen består herefter af Johannes Palsson, CEO i FFSkagen, Casper Andersen, CEO i TripleNine Group, Klaus Henry Kristoffersen, Quality Director i FFSkagen og Henrik Sørensen, CEO i TripleNine Esbjerg.

Johannes Palsson, CEO i FFSkagen, genindtræder som formand.

Generalforsamlingen blev efterfulgt af en velbesøgt afskedsreception for Jes Bjerregaard og chefbiolog Søren Anker Pedersen fra MID´s sekretariat, som ligeledes har valgt at gå på pension.

Formandens beretning havde overskriften: ”Udfordringer og successer. Omstilling og fornyelse” og kan læses her: Generalforsamlings Beretning 2023

European Blue Economy report


The European Commission has just published the 2023 edition of the European Blue Economy report. This report is the annual flagship publication, and gives an overview of how the economic sectors in EU have performed in relation to oceans and the coastal environment.

The 2023 version highlights the evolution of the blue economy sectors since 2010, and shows that despite negative impacts of the COVID19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of the analysed sectors increased their economic performances. The new edition includes now a chapter on the Energy Transition in the Blue Economy, and a section dedicated to Climate Change and Coastal Impact.

Finally, the European Blue Economy report will be connected to and incorporated into the EU Blue Economy Observatory, which offers more frequent and dynamic updates to the blue economy data.

Read more and find the full report here.

Food Nation Global Food Talk on seafood sector’s contribution to healthier and more sustainable food systems


On Thursday 8th June (10:00 am to 11:15 am), Food Nation organizes a Global Food Talk on “how can the seafood sector contribute to healthier and more sustainable food systems?”. This online event highlights where and how the fishing, aquaculture and processing sectors can be significant drivers towards securing a reliable and sustainable supply of seafood to consumers worldwide. Speakers from FAO, DTU AQUA, Tænketanken Hav, Oxyguard and Royal Greenland will debate on the two following topics:

  • How do we ensure sufficient sources of protein for everyone?
  • How can innovative solutions in the seafood sector drive the transformation towards a safe and reliable food system for current and future generations?

If you would like to attend this event, please sign up here.

New employee


On 1st May 2023, Gaëtane Le Breuil started her new position at Marine Ingredients Denmark and European Fishmeal and Fish Oil Producers as EU consultant. Gaëtane is an agronomist with a specialization in agri-food economics and policies. Before moving to Denmark, she worked five years at the French federation of agri-food cooperatives as policy advisor. “I’m really glad to join EFFOP and MID to highlight to policymakers that industries are already on the path to sustainability and drive decision-making processes in the right direction. Fishmeal and fish oil are important sources of protein, needed today and even more tomorrow, and are part of the blue circular economy. There are many good stories to tell.”

Fishmeal and fish oil highlighted in the new white paper Seafood by Food Nation


Food Nation launched a new white paper Seafood – Denmark is a Leading Hub for Sustainable Production and Innovation within Fisheries and Aquaculture on April 25th at The Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The white paper focuses on sustainable solutions and innovative technologies within fisheries, aquaculture, and processing.

Marine Ingredients Denmark attended the launching event and has also contributed to this work by highlighting how fishmeal and fish oil producers play an important role in shaping a sustainable food supply and strengthening a blue circular economy.

You can read more about the contribution of fishmeal and fish oil to the Danish food approach where one man’s waste can be another man’s treasure here or in the paper version (p.31-33).