MID holds successful workshop on “Danish solutions on of pelagic bulk landings”


On Friday 21st April,  “The Danish Solution on Pelagic Bulk Landings” took place at MID. The purpose of the event was to to discuss the handling of weighing and requirements of species sorting regarding landings and deliveries to Danish fishmeal and fish oil factories. The event had a diverse range of speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences in the industry.

The event started with Anne Mette Bæk, the managing director of Marine Ingredients Denmark, welcoming the attendees and discussing the industry’s participation in establishing the “Danish way of control of landings.”

1. Anne Mette Bæk Presentation

Peter Jørgen Eliasen, Chief Consultant of the Ministry of Fisheries, then gave a presentation on the current status of the revision of the EU Fisheries Control Regulation, providing attendees with valuable insights into the changes and how they might impact the industry.

2. Jørgen Eliasen presentation

Dr. Marie Storr-Paulsen, Head of the Section for Monitoring and Data at DTU Aqua, discussed the methods used in gathering data of  landings in Denmark and the need for robust data that can contribute towards better management in the future.

3. Marie Storr-Paulsen presentation

Lone Agathon, a consultant at Control Authorities, talked about how the implemented solutions work in practice. She shared her experience of working with the implemented solutions and discussed their effectiveness in achieving the industry’s goals.

4. Lone Agathon Jensen presentation

Peter Kongerslev, Senior Advisor at Scandic Pelagic A/S, then discussed how FF Skagen and Scandic Pelagic implemented the “Danish way of control of bulk landings.” Attendees gained insight into the practical applications of the solutions utilised by fishmeal producer FF Skagen and how they have modernized their systems

5. Peter Kongerslev presentation

Cato Christensen, Inspector at Skawinspection, gave a presentation on independent third-party inspection of pelagic bulk landings, ISO standard, and accrediting of the operation. This presentation provided attendees with valuable insights into the importance of independent third-party inspections and the standards they adhere to.

6. Cato Christensen presentation

Lise Laustsen, Senior Advisor at Danish Pelagic Producers Organization, then discussed plans for implementing camera CCTV onboard pelagic vessels in Denmark. Attendees gained insight into the importance of using CCTV cameras to enhance the control and monitoring of the pelagic bulk landings.

7. Lise Laustsen presentation

Finally, the event concluded with a workshop by the Icelandic Directorate of Fisheries. The workshop provided attendees with an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on related topics, enhancing their understanding of the issues and potential solutions. Overall, the event provided attendees with valuable insights into the industry and the measures taken to control and monitor pelagic bulk landings. The diverse range of speakers ensured that attendees gained knowledge and expertise from different perspectives, making the event an informative and collaborative platform for all.