UN Ocean Conference – Lisbon 2022


The 2nd UN Ocean Conference (UNOC), co-organized by Portugal and Kenya, took place in Lisbon, Portugal between the 27th of June  and the 1st of July. The aim of the Conference was to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14) “Life Below Water” – to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. The 2nd UNOC focused on scaling up ocean action based on science and innovation for the implementation of SDG 14: stocktaking, partnership and solutions.

More than 6000 people from all around the world participated in the Conference including 24 Heads of States and 2000 representatives of civil society. Alexandra Philippe (Chair of the FG Climate Change) and Tamara Talevska (Executive Secretary) represented the NSAC at the Conference.

Here are some of the main take-aways:

  • The conference called for the expansion of Marine Protected Areas.  The commitment to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 was pledged by more than 100 States, with some going even further.
  • A commitment to increase funding in ocean research and strengthen scientific and systematic observation and data collection.
  • “Blue transformation” – transforming aquatic food systems for a sustainable future to achieve food security and climate objectives through: (1) aquaculture expansion, (2) effectively managed fisheries (marine and inland), and (3) upgraded value chain.
  • Moving away from fossil fuels and decarbonizing the blue economy sectors were presented as the main solutions to tackle climate change and its consequences on the oceans.

EFFOP welcomes this strong focus on the oceans’ conservation and the recognition of the importance of the oceans to sustain a healthy and sustainable living.

You can learn more about the conference and its outcomes here.