Advancing Pelagic Science and Sustainable Fisheries: Highlights from the first Danish Pelagic Conference 2023


On December 18th, the Danish Pelagic Producers Organization successfully hosted its inaugural pelagic conference, an event dedicated to showcasing  advancements in pelagic science, research, and the commitment to achieving 100% documented fisheries in Denmark. The program encompassed a diverse array of engaging lectures, presentations, and discussions, drawing together perspectives from PhD students, gear specialists, NGOs, and eDNA experts united in their mission to advocate for responsible utilization of our ocean resources.

Dr. James Hinchcliffe, our biologist, delivered a presentation focusing on the strategic importance of marine ingredients in aquaculture. Describing his research experiences, he discussed the challenges associated with replacing fishmeal in formulated aquafeeds. The presentation focused on the nutritional richness of fishmeal and how its substitution can introduce limitations in formulation flexibility, posing inherent challenges in producing high-quality feeds for aquatic species. James also discussed the complexities of developing alternative ingredients, drawing from his own experiences. Achieving the delicate balance necessary for optimal growth and health of aquatic organisms, he highlighted the multifaceted challenges which become inherent in this process when you evaluate the characteristic changes that can occur 1 by 1.

Addressing the formidable challenge of fishmeal replacement, Dr. Hinchcliffe advocated for a strategic approach rather than relying on a singular raw material to challenge the “golden standard” set by fishmeal. By tapping into a diverse pool of “imperfect” sources, Dr. Hinchcliffe highlighted the potential to fully realize the strategic value of marine ingredients. This involves leveraging their superior nutritional quality to provide specific nutrients that are challenging to replace, thereby embracing a holistic strategy for the sustainable advancement of feeds in aquaculture.