A sustainable industry


MSC, MarinTrust and ASC

MSC: The MSC Fisheries Standard is used to assess if a fishery is well-managed and sustainable. The Standard reflects the most up-to-date understanding of internationally accepted fisheries science and management. MSC reviews and develops the MSC Fisheries Standard in consultation with scientists, the fishing industry and conservation groups. For more information, please visit: https://www.msc.org/uk/standards-and-certification/fisheries-standard

MarinTrust: The MarinTrust Standard has been developed as a credible, robust tool that enables producers of raw materials in the fishmeal and fish oil industry to demonstrate responsible practice. It was formerly known as the IFFO RS Standard and the IFFO RS Version 2.0 Standard. For more information, please visit: https://www.marin-trust.com/marintrust-standard

ASC: Together with partners, the ASC runs an ambitious programme to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote the best environmental and social aquaculture performance. For more information, please visit: https://www.asc-aqua.org/what-we-do/

IFFO  Code of Practice

Marine Ingredients Denmark are committed to following the Code of Practice developed by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO).

The ongoing success of IFFO, and the worldwide fishmeal and fish oil industry it represents, depends upon the maintenance of its reputation for supporting integrity, ethical corporate behaviour, customer safety and strong environmental standards.

To safeguard IFFO’s reputation from any inappropriate behavior by its members, protective measures are in place. The IFFO board retains the constitutional right to take action if a member’s conduct brings, or is likely to bring, the reputation of IFFO Limited into disrepute, or if the member violates the agreed Code of Conduct.

For further details, please visit: IFFO Code of Practice

As members of the European fish meal and fish oil producers (EFFOP), Marine Ingredients Denmark also commits to the following:

  1. Fish stocks utilized by European Fishmeal members as raw material are either MarinTrust compliant or MSC certified. MSC certification is also endorsed by GSSI’s Global Benchmark Tool for seafood certification schemes. European Fishmeal members adhere to MarinTrust requirements for production and sourced fish, ensuring third-party inspections, certification, full traceability, and responsible production practices.
  2. Furthermore, European Fishmeal members actively support and implement the FAO code of conduct for responsible fisheries. Recognizing the need for diverse protein sources in agriculture and aquaculture feed to meet global food demand, Europen Fishmeal emphasizes that alternatives must be equally responsible and traceable.