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Danish fishmeal and fish oil production

Denmark has on average produced 170 mt of fishmeal per year since 2015. This positioned Denmark as the leading fishmeal producer in Europe until 2019 when Norway assumed the top position. In 2022, Denmark maintained its position as the largest producer within the EU, contributing 153,000 tonnes of fishmeal and 45,000 tonnes of fish oil. These figures reflect the country’s ongoing significant role in the regional fisheries industry, emphasizing its continued leadership in the production of marine ingredients

The production of fishmeal in Denmark translates into an export value of approximately €600 million. As of 2023, Denmark holds the position as the 7th largest exporter of fishmeal and the 3rd largest exporter of fish oil, underscoring its substantial contribution to the global trade in these essential marine products.

Fishing for short-lived species, including sandeel, Norway pout, and sprat, plays a substantial role in the Danish fishery. Denmark holds a significant portion of the EU’s combined quotas for key protein fish, with these quotas contributing to an average landing value exceeding €134 million.

In addition to the fishery yields, factories receive an annual influx of 100,000-160,000 tonnes of trimmings from the human consumption industry.

The production of fishmeal and fish oil emerges as a cornerstone in Denmark’s global standing as one of the leading exporters of fish feed and expertise in the aquaculture sector. This production, crucial for the continued progress of aquaculture, establishes Denmark’s pivotal role in providing the necessary foundations for this rapidly evolving industry.

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