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High quality

Fishmeal and fish oil have long served as cornerstone ingredients in aquafeeds, occupying a prominent position as well-established and widely recognized feed components. These ingredients play a vital role by providing essential nutrients that far surpass the nutritional value offered by alternative feed options. They have effectively set the standard against which the performance of other feed components is measured. Danish fishmeal and fish oil products have gained worldwide acclaim for their outstanding quality. What sets us apart is our commitment to food safety and sustainability. 


Quality testing

  • Modern Vessels with Cutting-Edge Cooling Equipment: State-of-the-art vessels that are equipped with advanced cooling systems, guaranteeing the freshness of raw materials from catch to production.
  • Pelagic Fishing with Low Ecosystem Impact: Employing pelagic fishing techniques coupled with scientific advice provided by ICES, minimizes our impact on ecosystems, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable practices.
  • Full Traceability for Species and Origin: We provide full traceability for our products, enabling verification of both species and origin, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Advanced Production and Rinsing Facilities: Our production facilities feature advanced technology to remove persistent organic pollutants from raw materials, upholding our commitment to product purity.
  • Contaminant-Free Products: Rigorous quality control measures ensure that our products are pure and free from contaminants, pathogenic organisms, mycotoxins, natural toxins, and other undesirable elements.
  • Comprehensive Quality Testing: A stringent quality testing process is implemented throughout the entire production chain, from catch to customer, ensuring that our products consistently meet the highest industry standards.
  • Certification According to ISO Standards: Our production processes are certified according to ISO standards, underscoring our commitment to quality and adherence to international benchmarks