A global industry


The Danish fishmeal and fish oil industry buys fish for approx. 1.5 billion DKK per year and ensures significant value-added through landings of foreign vessels in Denmark.

It is exported annually for approx. 4 billion DKK to countries around the world. Fishmeal and fish oil are high-value products with high international demand, especially from Norway and Asia.

In 2021, the export of fishmeal went to 40+ countries and had a value of 2.2 billion DKK.

The export of fish oil the same year went to 35+ countries and had a value of 1.6 billion DKK.

In 2020, Denmark was the world’s third-largest exporter of fishmeal and the second largest exporter of fish oil.

22% of the value of the total Danish export of fish products consists of fishmeal and oil.

The table below shows the most importen countries for Danish fishmeal and fish oil export.